I often get asked, ‘what’s it like working at Trent Health in Motion?’ My simple and short answer is, ‘it’s great! I love my job, where I work, and the people I work with.’ For a more in depth response, I will usually reflect on how I ended up where I am, working with the amazing team that I work with now and how the facility itself has evolved over the years to become such a great, state of the art, leading multidisciplinary clinic that it is today. That response usually looks a bit like the following……
Over the years I’ve had the pleasure of working alongside some excellent Massage Therapists, from whom I’ve learned a great deal from and shared a wide range of ideas and techniques towards providing effective treatments for our clients. Coming out of my schooling, I was eager to put my education and newly acquired skills to use, treating athletes and members of the general public within Peterborough and the surrounding area. I began my practice with a local Massage Therapy clinic close to downtown. Four Registered Massage Therapists under one roof, all working together, providing our clients with the best hands on care that we knew how to provide. Looking back on it now, it seemed like an ideal situation for a Massage Therapist starting out………….working alongside other experienced Massage Therapists. And it certainly was a great start to my career. We shared treatment options, different approaches to achieve better results for our clients, and I learned a great deal from my more experienced peers. It worked out well and we got along great! For a Massage Therapist new into the profession, it was the perfect scenario to get my career off and running.

I can’t say enough about the people I’ve had the opportunity to work with over the years at the clinic.

It wasn’t until early in the fall of 2005 that I discovered just how much further care and support options I could provide my clientele with. That’s when I met Kylie Gibson (head Physiotherapist at the time for THIM (Trent Health in Motion), and now currently Lead Physiotherapist at the Canadian Sport Institute of Ontario in Scarborough). She told me of a new sports injury clinic that had just opened out at Trent University. A private clinic operating out of the Athletics Complex there, treating the general public, students at the University, as well as providing care and support for all of the Varsity teams. After our initial conversation, I knew I had to find out more information about it, and determine whether it was a fit for me or not. Well, it didn’t take long to discover that not only was it a fit for me at that time, but it had long term plans of becoming the leading, state of the art, multi-disciplinary clinic within our area. Complete with a large expansion/renovation set for the fall of 2010 (3500 square feet to be exact), including a large treatment/exercise area overlooking the Otonabee River, access to a brand new gym with connecting doors into the clinic, the only Swim-ex therapy pool in the area, and plenty of other incredible and unique features, it was well on its’ way to becoming a leading standard for multi-disciplinary clinics. I knew it was soon to be considered my second home, and that I had to be a part of this team. Working with a skilled Physiotherapist, in a clinic set on a University campus, with a variety of Varsity teams and athletes, this was definitely up my alley.
I really had no idea, when I started in that fall of 2005, not only the amount of knowledge and experience I would gain from working in a setting like the Trent Health in Motion clinic offers, but the friendships I would gain at the same time. I can’t say enough about the people I’ve had the opportunity to work with over the years at the clinic. They are all not only experts within their field, but incredibly humble, and wonderful people to be around outside of work. For me, it really does feel like the staff I work alongside has become a second family to me. To have the opportunity to either, play hockey with, golf with, or go to a backyard BBQ with any one of these great individuals is truly a great and unique quality within a work environment. It’s not something you find every day.

It’s amazing to think back of where the clinic started out from to where it is now.

Starting out as a clinic in 2005 with 3 staff members; myself as the RMT, Kylie Gibson as our Physiotherapist, and Carrie Dunford as our PTA (physiotherapy assistant), it’s just incredible to see the clinic evolve to a team of 11 in total today! Words can’t describe the amount of respect and appreciation I have for both Kylie and Carrie, and the amount of learning opportunities I was able to take on through their constant support in those early years. We were a successful clinic through a small space, moving treatment tables and equipment in and out behind a sliding door in a multi-purpose room, then shifting to portable trailers while the Athletics Complex was under renovation and our new clinic space was being built, all the while traveling to cover team events and providing the best care to our patients within a frequently changing clinic space. We managed to get through it all and felt a sense of accomplishment the day our new and expanded clinic space opened its’ doors in that fall of 2010. It’s amazing to think back of where the clinic started out from to where it is now. We were a leading clinic at that time, and it just seems like we keep moving forward, year after year. It’s great to be a part of.
Our numbers have grown over the years, not only in therapists, but in successfully treated patients as well. With our more recent addition, Dr. Dan Calow, Chiropractor, this enabled us to become the first Physiotherapy/Sports Injury clinic in the city to have a chiropractor on board. I can’t begin to tell you what asset it’s been to have Dr. Calow at the clinic, to not only aid and assist with assessing some challenging symptoms presented by patients, but to also provide a different approach when it comes to treating those challenging symptoms. With a treatment style that compliments each modality within the clinic, Dan is easy to approach for advice and eager to offer suggestions. It really has become a complete clinic, with all bases covered for successful treatment options for our patients.

With our more recent addition, Dr. Dan Calow, Chiropractor, this enabled us to become the first Physiotherapy/Sports Injury clinic in the city to have a chiropractor on board.

Not only do I have the opportunity to learn from and gain knowledge from the current 10 great individuals around me, but we’re also lucky enough to have Dr. Dobson (Sports Medicine Doctor and Orthopedic Surgeon specializing in hip and knee surgeries) and his wonderful receptionist, Rose, working out of the same clinic space, providing us with added information on the latest knee or hip replacement options, along with treatment guidelines and time frames. Dr. Dobson refers patients to us to begin their therapy with us following surgery, which not only benefits the patient in returning to function without lasting limitations, but allows us as therapists to benefit from the learning aspect of what’s involved with each surgery and all that follows post-operation. Aside from initial care within the hospital, we’re the first step in getting these patients back to doing everything they did prior to surgery, or prior to their pain that limited their daily activities.
So what does a multi-disciplinary clinic consist of? Well, in our case, it consists of the following incredible team; 2 lovely admin staff ladies that always greet our patients with a warm hello and a smile at our front desk (Debbie and Mallory), 2 PTA’s (Samantha and Vega), who constantly amaze me with the extra efforts that they put in, not only for the physiotherapists but with every health care provider within our clinic, 3 incredibly talented Physiotherapists (Colin, and the husband and wife team of Mike and Reanna), 2 Massage Therapists (one being yours truly, and then Krista who is also an Athletic Therapist, making for a highly sought after combination in a therapist, keeping our Varsity Athletes in fine form in and out of the clinic), a Kinesiologist (Kristin, who leads our patient care in that state of the art Swim-Ex therapy pool), and the previously mentioned, Dr. Dan Calow, Chiropractor. Whether you’ve been in a Motor Vehicle Accident, suffered a work related injury, a sports injury, if you’re simply looking to improve a physical imbalance, or seeking the next step to improving your physical performance, this group of health care providers has the knowledge and skills to help you achieve all your goals. We’re an expert team, making THIM complete, and providing the community of Peterborough and Trent University with optimal care.

It doesn’t get much better than working amongst a group of like-minded, goal oriented individuals that support one another every step of the way.

I’ve written in the past about how lucky I feel to work in such a great profession, and how much I love my job, day in and day out, but I’m truly blessed to work in an environment that encourages and supports a healthy and active lifestyle. With therapists that share a common goal…………to ensure that everyone that comes through our clinic doors is provided with the best possible treatment care, and offered the opportunity to carry on doing all the activities in their life, as they so choose to do. Between having access to a full gym, a 25m pool, an artificial turf field, the Swim-Ex therapy pool, there isn’t much we can’t provide in terms of athletes safely returning to play or patients returning to full function within their daily hobbies or activities. THIM has become not only a place for me to grow and develop as an RMT, but it’s offered me opportunities to work with such a wide variety of pathologies and injuries. Whether it’s developing new techniques, assessment skills, or home exercises, I have a team of experts to draw suggestions and input from. Each therapist brings a unique and welcoming outlook to the team, and I’ve learned more in my 12 years here at THIM than I possibly could on my own. It’s something that I certainly cherish. I value each and every therapist that I’ve had the opportunity to work with through the clinic. I’ve learned something from each and every one of them, and as a whole, I know we will continue to grow and learn from one another. I’ve become a better therapist myself, largely due to the experience and expertise that I’m surrounded by from this great team I work with. It doesn’t get much better than working amongst a group of like-minded, goal oriented individuals that support one another every step of the way. If I don’t have the answer to a particular symptom presented, or need a hand finding the root cause of pain in someone, I’ve got 3 or 4 therapists to turn to in order to provide the correct treatment approach, and vice versa, if they need my expertise, they won’t hesitate to ask if they want some added support with a running gait analysis on our treadmill, or to figure out what structures may be causing restriction in an individuals’ mobility. It’s extra support that is a comforting addition for any health care provider. I know we’ve developed and made progress over the years as a clinic, but in many ways, I feel as though we’re just getting started, as there’s much more to come for us!
There are times I pause and take a few minutes, once I pull into that parking lot, next to the river, with the Osprey nesting and flying overhead, and walk into that clinic that overlooks the river while the Rowing team is passing by in the mornings, or occasionally a fox trots past the window on the walking path, that I do truly appreciate where it is I work and the people I work with. It really is great and I am lucky to be part of such a unique and wonderful atmosphere. For me, there’s no place I’d rather work. I look forward to each and every day at THIM.
Dave Kervin, RMT, SMT(cc), ART Provider
Trent Health in Motion
Trent University