Trent University is ranked one of the top post-secondary institutions in Canada. With the addition of the new forensics program, and continued focus on environmental responsibility – introducing the “Green Pledge” (a promise to be environmentally and socially conscious in their future career.) – Trent continues to lead the way in community focused initiatives and academics.

Trent also boasts a state of the art athletics facility, which the THIM (Trent Health In Motion) team calls home!

A Centre for Health Excellence, Trent Health in Motion is a private multidisciplinary clinic offering physiotherapy, sports and orthopaedic medicine, chiropractic, massage therapy, athletic therapy, pool/hydrotherapy, bracing, and sports health services on-site at Trent University.

With the expansion of the Trent Athletics Complex the clinic has moved to a new 3500 square foot state of the art facility. The expanded and enhanced Centre for Health Excellence offers treatment, rehabilitation, education and prevention services to a range of clients. Equipped to serve even the most elite athletes, the facility will focus on providing services and programming for all levels of community sport involvement and injuries and health conditions in the general population. The addition of a SwimEx therapy pool – a versatile, exercise and resistance pool is unique to the region.

As a foremost resource for game/event coverage and emergency sports injury management, the Centre positions Trent and Peterborough as a sought-after hosting venue for national and international sporting events and the unprecedented combination of multidisciplinary services, facilities and staffing expertise establishes Trent Health in Motion as the premier regional centre for delivery of rehabilitation and sports medicine services.

Our staff is always available to chat! Drop by for a tour of the THIM facilities. In the mean time, here are some shots of the space and some of our awesome staff!