As we ease into the winter months, it’s easy to throw your hands up and say “forget it, I’m packing it in!” to our exercise routine and even healthy eating. After all, don’t we all just crave comfort food and the coziness of our couch when the temp drops?

Really, what this comes down to is changing your frame of mind & creating habits. Treat each new season as a way to hit the restart button. We’re human – over time even with good intentions we pick up bad habits, like those evening sweets or skipping our scheduled exercise time.

Here are some things you can do to break old habits and kick off winter in the right way!

Set Small Goals

Setting big goals is exciting but starting with small, boring goals is more likely to lead to success. A small goal, for example, would be to meditate for 10 minutes, or replace one unhealthy snack with raw veggies, or walk 15 minutes per day. Taking small actions tricks your brain. Your subconscious likes to be in control—it doesn’t like change. A big change often sets up subconscious resistance, but you can sneak a small change by it.

Use Triggers

A trigger is something that leads you to automatically doing something else. Many smokers, for example, are often triggered to smoke after a meal. Use triggers to your advantage. If you commit to always meditating after breakfast, then after a few weeks you’ll automatically think about meditating after your morning meal. Visual triggers work well, too. Laying your workout clothes on the bed in the morning will encourage you to work out when you get home from work.

Do It Early

Exercise or meditate in the morning when your willpower is high, and you’ll reap the rewards all day. Make a healthy dinner ahead of time (mmmmm crockpot eats!) so you don’t come home starving, with nothing to eat

Be Prepared

Make sure you have everything you need to ensure your success. If you want to start a winter walking program, get comfortable walking shoes/boots and a pedometer. (People who wear a pedometer walk 27% more than those who don’t.)

Make it Fun

If you don’t enjoy doing something, you aren’t going to stick with it. Find ways to make your lifestyle change as enjoyable as possible. Exercise with a friend, learn to cook healthy foods that are delicious, or find a meditation program that really resonates with you.