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30 Physio Tips To Keep You Working Smarter Not Harder

Every Wednesday for the past 30 weeks, we’ve been spreading #wednesdaywisdom love on our social channels with weekly Physio tips. Some just for fun, some informative & inspirational. If you’ve been missing out, well, let’s catch you up!

In no particular order, here are our 30 Physio Tips To Keep You Working Smarter Not Harder.

5 Ways To Relieve Pelvic & Back Pain During Pregnancy

There really is nothing quite like the moment when you find out you’re pregnant. You instantly find yourself imagining the future – holding baby for the first time, feeling that little hand grip your finger, and the surreal feeling of bringing your own little human into the world. But of course, as we all know, nothing great comes without a few bumps in the road.
Pregnancy is different for every woman – some find themselves breezing through the 9 months leading up to the big day, with very little discomfort. Where others deal with a wide variety of pregnancy symptoms. Wherever you’re sitting in the pre-natal experience, you don’t have to settle with the symptoms. There are often ways to cure pain & discomfort, or at the very least, relieve it for periods of time.
We asked Heidi Wilkins, a local woman in her 2nd trimester (and expecting a little girl in September – congrats Heidi!), what she has experienced throughout her pregnancy, and how she’s been dealing with it.  Here’s what she said:
Pregnancy doesn’t always bring actual pain, but more a general discomfort as we grow a tiny human inside of us. I’ve experienced a lot of pelvic discomfort that has kept me from being as active as I would have liked to be. With the help of a chiropractor who specializes in pre-natal care, and some minor adjustments at home, I am able to keep the discomfort down to a minimum. Sleeping on my side with a pregnancy pillow that goes between my legs, and along my back has helped with the night time pain, and allows me to get out of bed less stiff than I was before. Stretching helps, if you are able to without pain. […]