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7 Healthy Body & Mind Tips For Students

In the midst of studying, exams and an active social life, it’s no wonder so many college & university students neglect their mental and physical health.

We collected some ways for students to keep illness at bay & keep their mind sharp!

Vary your meals.

When the cafeteria has your favorite foods daily it can be easy to return to those old favorites every day. Changing up your diet from day to day is an important part of good nutrition so take advantage of the variety of selections available to you

Eat breakfast.

Start your day off right with a good meal when you get up. Whether you’re rolling out of bed at noon or up at the crack of dawn for class, make sure you start your day with a balanced, healthy meal.

Take a nap.

If you have the time during the day, a short nap can do wonders for your energy levels. Just make sure not to nap too close to bedtime or for too long, and a nap will do your body good.

Don’t be afraid to ask for help.

Many people feel embarrassed or ashamed to ask for help with their depression but this is unnecessary as it’s a common and treatable problem that you don’t have to deal with alone. Tap into campus resources to find help or tell a friend how you’re feeling.

Learn time management skills.

Time management skills will make everything from getting assignments done to managing work a lot easier. Read a book or check out advice on the internet, to help you better manage the hours of your day.

Take advantage of campus programs.

Many campuses are equipped with programs that can help students get a release from their […]

30 Physio Tips To Keep You Working Smarter Not Harder

Every Wednesday for the past 30 weeks, we’ve been spreading #wednesdaywisdom love on our social channels with weekly Physio tips. Some just for fun, some informative & inspirational. If you’ve been missing out, well, let’s catch you up!

In no particular order, here are our 30 Physio Tips To Keep You Working Smarter Not Harder.

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    Lighten Up! Tips For Parents and Students On Backpack Safety.

Lighten Up! Tips For Parents and Students On Backpack Safety.

With back to school just around the corner, thoughts go to packed lunches, school supplies, and a fresh to wardrobe to start the year off on the right foot. But with all the excitement around returning to the class room, we rarely give thought to things like backpack safety.

This may sound funny at first, but over time if your child’s backpack isn’y worn correctly is too heavy, this could cause repetitive strain injury, and even seriously effect posture.

We’ve put together a few tips on backpack safety – we hope you find it helpful! Oh, and don’t forget, it is indeed “…the most wonderful time of the year!”



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