We pride ourselves, at all of our lead the way clinics, at not only injury therapy but injury prevention. The key ingredient in injury prevention is strengthening the joints and muscles so when a trip, fall or pull takes place, your body can better handle what’s thrown at it.
To help people get a handle on these techniques, the team over at Trent Health In Motion have been creating strengthening videos – most of which you can do from home or at the gym. To kick the new year off on the right foot, we’ve combined 6 months worth of strength building content into one nice neat blog. Give them a try and your body will thank you! Happy New Year!

Crank Up The Current


Stair Master


Dead Bug


Walk-Out That Bridge


Stir The Pot


Swing Strengthening


Shoulder Strengthening


Functional Core Stability


Side Pull


Y On the Ball


Underwater Treadmill Walking